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Tommy Lau

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From scaring to busking

Tommy Lau, a man who is suffering from cervical nerve damage due to a traffic accident, changes from a sportsman to a person with quadriplegia in one night. There is a long way to recover, and it is for sure that he can only live with his inactive body. He chooses singing as his support. Being the vice-chairman of the Direction Association for the Handicapped, he actively joins different singing contest and activities and also dealing with his committee work. He hopes to communicate with others via his singing. At first, he did not have enough energy for singing due to his wounds, but he still joins the band in the association and learned to breathe, speak and sing from the beginning. In a few years practicing with the band, Tommy got back his confidence to join competitions and performances. In recent years, he even busks with his members on the streets. In 2018, he went to Taiwan for beauty pageant with his members. He only prepared a 3-minute introduction, clothing, and his son to join this competition that focuses on 'inner beauty'.

 (Photo provided by interviewee)