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Lam Hiu Ki, Kay

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Lam Hiu Ki, Kay was born in Mainland China. She came to Hong Kong to study at the age of six and settled in Hong Kong ever since. Whenever she talks about her identity, she feels ambivalent. She thinks that she does not belong to China or Hong Kong, or belong to both China and Hong Kong. On one occasion, she accidentally saw that the Hong Kong Polytechnic University was recruiting for a research project on identity, and she decided to take part in it and find out more about the topic. In one month, she shared many photos that could represent her identity. Moreover, in two subsequent interviews, she revealed more details in her words that were not shown in the photos. Hiu Ki says that she has never encountered a platform before which helps her explore her identity. Throughout the process, she looks back at the challenges and experiences she has encountered due to her identity, and then she re-examined the definition of ‘Hongkonger’. Questions and confusions arise from the search for identity, will the answer to the question ‘Who am I’ become clearer or vaguer?