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The Chinese Version of the Career Decision Making Difficulties Scale (CDDQ-C)

簡介 Introduction

CDDQ-C originates from the Career Decision-Making Difficulty Questionnaire (CDDQ), which is a 44-item self-report instrument developed to evaluate the difficulties in career decision making perceived by individuals(Gati, Krausz, & Osipow, 1996). The scale represents 10 distinct types of problems, which are subsumed by three major categories of career difficulties. The validity of the instrument was verified, however, its internal consistency remain to need further evaluation (Gati et al., 1996). The Chinese version of CDDQ adopted the 44 items of CDDQ using backward translation. Its reliability and construct validity are good. The internal consistency for the 10 scales ranged from .61 to .93, which indicates that the scales related to information are more stable(Tien, 2005).

Scoring: CDDQ-C uses a 9-point scale, asking the respondent to indicate the degree to which the difficulty represented by each item (e.g. “It is usually difficult for me to make a decision”) described them (1 = does not describe me, 9 = describes me well). The total score is the mean of the responses to the items included in the scale.

建議引用 Recommend citing

Tien, H. S. (2005). The validation of the Career Decision-Making Difficulties Scale in a Chinese culture. Journal of Career Assessment, 13(1), 114–127.

其他參考 Other references

Gati, I. et al. (1996). A taxonomy of difficulties in career decision making. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 43(4), 510–526.


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