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非華語學生 Non-Chinese Speaking Students

簡介 Introduction

非華語 學生 是在香港居住 求學 的非華人少數族裔 學 生的統稱,籍裔包括尼泊爾、印度、巴基斯坦以及尼日利亞等。 有些 非華語學生於香港出生 ,其 家族 或已有幾代 移居香港生活 , 亦一批非華語學生跟父母屬新移民到港,剛開 始以香港為家 ( 葉一知 , 2013) 。 由於非華語 學生 自小成長於非華語的語境下,他們即使能操流利英語及粵語,但他們的中文能力普遍比華裔學生差,日後升學及就業均做成困難 (Cheung, 2015) 。除了語言障礙,非華語 學生 往往被標籤化,在社會上受到種族歧視,不被社會的主流群體所接納,繼而引致更多不同層面的邊緣化及不公平對待,例如 健 康 保健 服務、 成 長 發展的培 育、 使 用 康 樂 體 育 及應有的福 利等 ( 王家文 , 2018) 。

"Non-Chinese speaking students" is a collective term which refers to students of non-Chinese ethnic minorities living in Hong Kong including Nepali, Indian, Pakistan and Nigerian etc. Some of them are born in Hong Kong as their family has been living in Hong Kong for several generations. Some students and their parents are new immigrants to Hong Kong. In general, they take Hong Kong as their home ( 葉一知 , 2013) . Since they grow up in a non-Chinese speaking context, their Chinese proficiency is generally poor when compared to their Chinese peers even they are fluent in both English and Cantonese. Poor Chinese proficiency becomes a barrier to pursue further education and employment in the future (Cheung, 2015) . In addition to the language barriers, non-Chinese speaking students are often being stigmatized and discriminated for the society. Social isolation leads to further marginalization and inequality in different perspectives in terms of medical health services, cultivation of children and youth development, use of sports and Recreation and access to welfare etc ( 王家文 , 2018) .

作者/Author: Carmen K.M. Yau


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