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樂齡 Active Ageing

簡介 Introduction

樂齡 (Active Ageing 或 Healthy Ageing) 由世界衞生組織所提出,指這是是「一個發展及維持長者的生活技能及身心健康的過程」(WHO, n.d.)。政府統計處預計2021年65歲或以上的人士約有1,322,500人,佔總人口的15.7%,即每六名香港人中,約有一人是65歲或以上的長者 (Ad Hoc Committee on Healthy Ageing, 2001)。成功老齡化三大要素包括1) 健康管理及護理: 鼓勵長者健康管理及生活模式的個人責任,強化長者醫療及護理的社會支援;2) 建立長者友善環境:為長者族群作適切的社區規劃、交通及社區建設以助他們繼續發揮現有的功能;3) 積極參與生活:提升長者在家庭、鄰舍及社區層面能積極參與 (Ad Hoc Committee on Healthy Ageing, 2001)。

Healthy ageing (or active ageing) is introduced by WHO as “the process of development and maintaining the functional ability that enables well-being in older age” (WHO, n.d.). By 2021, it is estimated by Census and Statistics Department that there will be 1,322,500 senior citizen over aged 65 and over, accounting for 15.7% of the total population in Hong Kong. In order words, about 1 out of six people will be aged 65 or over (Ad Hoc Committee on Healthy Ageing, 2001). In the view of ageing as a healthy process with needs and potentials, Ad Hoc Committee on Healthy Aging (2001) recommended three main focuses include: 1) Health Management and Care: encourage personal responsibility on health management and healthy lifestyle. Also, enhance better community-based health and nursing services; 2) Ageing-in-place: design for barrier-free community, accessible transportation and caring support network to facilitate senior citizens to maintain their daily functioning; 3) Active Participation in Life: facilitate senior citizens to participate actively in family, neighborhood and community life.

作者/Author: Carmen K.M. Yau


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