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無家者 Homelessness

簡介 Introduction

無家者,過去多指無業無家的露宿者,但近年多了不少在職貧窮的「麥難民」,即泛指每天就不同的工作地點,以鄰近24小時開放的麥當勞當作流動居所,以省卻交通及住屋的費用 (林嘉瑜, 2016)。社署統計顯示香港露宿者過千名,女性露宿者的升幅更接近兩倍。露宿者較四年前增加50%,主要原因是在職貧窮嚴重,連劏房租金都付不起 (評論編輯室, 2018)。政府被批評只會以清洗街道趕走無家者,但未能提供相應及綜援政策,包括提供更多友善的避寒中心 (周滿鏗, 2018)、增添外展社工數目、臨時宿位、公屋安排 (鄒頌華, 2016; 評論編輯室, 2018)。

Homelessness was used to be related to jobless people in poverty, but nowadays, McRefugees population are raising, referring to people who stay overnight in a 24-hour service McDonald nearby their work location as they are ill-afford of transportation and rents (林嘉瑜, 2016). According to statistics from the Social Welfare Department, the number of street sleepers reached more than 1,000 and approximately raised 50% comparing to four years ago. The number of female street sleepers nearly doubled (評論編輯室, 2018). The main reason is related to working poverty as they cannot even afford the raising rent of sub-divided flats. The government has been criticized for clearing homeless people from the street, but failed to provide adequate and comprehensive social policy on social security and labour market such as providing more friendly shelters, increase the number of outreach social worker, provide more temporary homes and providing public housing (鄒頌華, 2016; 評論編輯室, 2018)。

作者/Author: Carmen K.M. Yau


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