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在職貧窮 Working Poor

簡介 Introduction

在職貧窮是全球社會根深蒂固的貧窮問題,需要政府政策改革、社會制度改革和解決性別不平等的問題, 而不是單單靠提供社會福利(Munger, 2007)。香港的貧窮線訂於是家庭收入中位數的一半,以在 2015年的貧窮線為例,一人家庭每月收入低於3800元, 二人家庭每月港幣8800元則被界定為貧窮 (Carvalho, 2017)。除了政策改革和制定最低工資法外,組織工會有助集合在職貧困者的討價能力,與僱主談判以取得合理的工資及保障 (Brady, Baker & Finnigan, 2013)。為了解決這些家庭的兒童貧困問題,政府應接納建議採取行動,加強家庭友善的政策, 推行教育政策改革以及兒童福利政策 (Rainwater & Smeeding, 2005; 香港社會聯會, 2013).

Working poor is a global poverty issues deeply rooted in our society that requires reforms on government policy, social systems and gender inequality instead of simply providing social welfare (Munger, 2007). The poverty line in Hong Kong is half of the median household income. In 2015, one-person family’s monthly income below $3,800 while two-person family’s monthly income below HK$8,800 are considered to be poor (Carvalho, 2017). Besides of policy reform and setting up minimum wage policy, unionization helps to gather the bargaining power of working poor of specific occupations to negotiate reasonable wage with employers as protection of employees (Brady, Baker & Finnigan, 2013). In the hope of solving child poverty from these families, the government is suggested to take actions to enhance family-friendly policy, reform of education policy as well as children welfare policy (Rainwater & Smeeding, 2005; 香港社會聯會, 2013).

作者/Author: Carmen K.M. Yau


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