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社會工作與資訊科技 Social Work and ICT

簡介 Introduction

The trend of using technology in social work is rapidly increasing. The impact of technology goes beyond increased efficacy, as new technologies force practitioners to expand their abilities, and change how they design and implement interventions (Berzin, Singer, & Chan, 2015; Goldkind & Chan, 2017). In the context of technology for social work interventions, “technology” mainly refers to information and communications technology (ICT), and there are various types of technology-support interventions, some are merely technologically adapted, and some are driven by artificial intelligence systems (Chan & Holosko, 2018). There are newly developed academic textbooks (Hill & Shaw, 2011; Watling & Rogers, 2012), competency standards (NASW, 2017) and ethical guidelines (BASW, 2013). Overall, many technology-supported interventions indicate good outcomes and internal validity, but there is much room for improvement in evaluation designs and theorization (Chan, 2016, 2018; Chan & Holosko, 2016). There are also emerging challenges and opportunities arising from technology-supported interventions, such as digital divides, practitioners’ competence issues, jurisdictional boundary issues, and various ethical issues (McAuliffe & Nipperess, 2015; Reamer, 2015).


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